Cribbage Boards

Cribbage Board by Keith



  • made by Keith Allen in Dresden, Maine
  • Available in 2 sizes
    • Two Track : ~10 1/2″ long x ~3 1/2″ wide x ~3/4″ thick
    • Three Track : ~10 1/2″ long x ~4″ wide x ~3/4″ thick
  • Made from several layers of wood
    • Walnut, Cherry, Padauk, Maple

The Cribbage Board by Keith is a new addition in 2024 and we’re so excited to see how Keith has combined multiple types (and layers!) of wood together to create these two track and three track cribbage boards.

Shop his collection of beautiful boards featuring Walnut, Cherry, Padauk, and Maple wood! Choose how many opponents you want to face with the two and three track options. Don’t forget to add a deck of Maine Playing Cards (like these & these!) if you don’t have one already!

Read more about the game of cribbage here!