Lisa-Marie’s carries hundreds of one of a kind products created by a collection of the finest
Maine artisans & craftsmen

Are you looking for that perfect Maine made gift this year?

Customer Testimonials

  • Perfect spot to get gifts for family back home. Got something for each person.

    Heidi H. Avatar Heidi H.

    5 star ratingBest gift store to find local handcrafts, lotion, jewelry, candles and unique snacks.

    Rita J. Avatar Rita J.

    I have been shopping at Lisa Marie’s for a while now and go there frequently to get gifts for relatives... read more

    Sarah C. Avatar Sarah C.

    I recently broke a hand painted wine glass of my mother's from Lisa-Marie's. I reached out to the store about... read more

    Kellie W. Avatar Kellie W.
  • Lovely handmade items.

    Sue V. Avatar Sue V.

    Can’t begin to express the level of happiness this store has given me! I stopped in one day to... read more

    Brian L. Avatar Brian L.

    5 star ratingThey are amazing! Customized a buoy for me in a timely manner and for an extremely fair price. The staff... read more

    Brian L. Avatar Brian L.

    5 star ratingMy online order from this business was processed immediately, and I received a lovely email of thanks from the owner,... read more

    Carley S. Avatar Carley S.
  • Fabulous place with handcrafted quality works of art, super nice staff and great service. Highly recommend.

    Alison H. Avatar Alison H.

    5 star ratingFabulous shop where handcrafted works of art celebrate Maine. Lovely staff, great service.

    Alison H. Avatar Alison H.

    5 star ratingBefore my 2 week trip to Maine in the fall, I scoured my Downeast Magazines to plan places to shop,... read more

    Jill P. Avatar Jill P.

    5 star ratingVisited in the summer on a trip to Maine. I purchased some earrings and a necklace. They were made out... read more

    Donna G. Avatar Donna G.
  • 5 star ratingAfter searching the website for a specific Maine sweatshirt I had seen on my friend's Instagram account, I realized the... read more

    Magen M. Avatar Magen M.

    Lovely shop, everything made in Maine, with excellent craftsmanship!

    S G. Avatar S G.

    A nice little spot for some shopping as a tourist....even though this is my home town. People that worked there... read more

    John S. Avatar John S.

    Very polite staff, excellent art

    Stephanie B. Avatar Stephanie B.
  • I like the wooden crafts in this store. Original and unique!

    Brett L. Avatar Brett L.

    Lovely shop, very helpful it getting me a special order put together.

    Dan A. Avatar Dan A.

    Great gift shop with a wide variety of items! Extremely friendly and helpful staff!

    Stephen M. Avatar Stephen M.

    Fantastic shop selling only items made in Maine. There’s a bit of everything inside to fit all tastes and budgets.... read more

    Steve F. Avatar Steve F.
  • Above average gift shop. Offers products that are less cookie cutter tourist-y

    Jacob G. Avatar Jacob G.

    Great local shop with nothing but Maine made trinkets & knick-nacks. Food-goods, Xmas ornaments, dish wares & wooden crafts. Highly... read more

    Garrett K. Avatar Garrett K.

    5 star ratingLoved this place. Very quaint with nothing but Maine made goods. Foodstuffs, wooden crafts, some dishware and several other interesting... read more

    Garrett K. Avatar Garrett K.

    5 star ratingI come to this shop every time I'm in Bath. It's my favorite shop in Maine. I buy many gifts... read more

    L V. Avatar L V.
  • 4 star ratingIt's a somewhat touristy spot but everything is made by locals in Maine so it doesn't feel like you're actually... read more

    Paisley P. Avatar Paisley P.

    5 star ratingA huge Made in Maine store. Four store fronts full of everything made in Maine from Sea Bags to chocolate.... read more

    Jamie K. Avatar Jamie K.

    5 star ratingReally nice quaint little shop full of beautiful Maine made lovely things! Wanted everything... log carrier made out of sails,,,... read more

    Sam S. Avatar Sam S.

    4 star ratingLisa-Marie's is a really cute little store.  I see this as the ideal store for someone who's shopping for out... read more

    Don W. Avatar Don W.

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