Meet the Makers: May - June 2023 - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

Meet the Makers: May – June 2023

20 Weeks to 20 Years

Meet the Maker #1: May 27th – The KICKOFF to 20 Years!

Featuring Tenley of Lobster Designs and David of Mainely Pens👇

Tenley, Lobster Designs

Tenley, the one woman show behind Lobster Designs, is a jewelry designer and creator who uses resourced shells from local fishermen in her community as the focus of her jewelry. Her lobster shells primarily come from the lobstermen in her family: her husband, J. Seiders and her young son, E. Seiders. Her oyster shells and mussel shells come from local coves and rivers in the South Bristol area. Using these foraged shells, Tenley makes a wide variety of jewelry featuring the local Maine crustaceans. Shop her collection in-store and online today!

David, Mainely Pens

David, the man behind Mainely Pens, made his first turnings as a child in his father’s basement shop. Now David provides beautiful pens created from composite wood combinations and local Maine wood. He has even challenged himself further by making pens from deer antler as well as crushed Maine lobster, oyster, and mussel shells! Each pen is made one at a time, by hand, causing them to be one-of-a-kind with no two looking exactly alike.

Meet the Maker #2: June 3rd

Featuring Kate of Bixby Chocolate and Joe of Vintage Works👇

Kate, Bixby Chocolate

Kate McAleer founded Bixby Chocolate in December 2011. Kate boldly broke away from a traditional career path to pursue her passion: chocolate. She is a socially responsible business owner who is very supportive of her local Maine community of Rockland.

Kate ensures that the quality organic cocoa beans are directly sourced from Caribbean countries such as the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Belize and Central America’s Guatemala.

Bixby Chocolate’s innovations include producing its own chocolate straight from the cocoa bean for several new bean-to-bar chocolate bars, and its newly created chocolate bonbons, chocolate nibs and chocolate-covered coffee beans.

The Lobstah Trap Caddy is handcrafted in Maine constructed from authentic Maine lobster trap material by Joe Hamilton. 

He is the first in Maine to make these types of beer and condiment caddies having started in 2010. 

“I was a woodworker for quite a few years and I built a wooden caddy to hold six craft beers and one day I thought I’d make something different out of lobster wire.”

Now, retired, Joe works 20 hours a week in his shop.

Joe, Vintage Works

Joe, Vintage Works
Blue Lobster Trap Condiment Caddy

Meet the Maker #3: June 17th

Featuring Sue of Latitude 43 designs and Pam of Olde Haven Farm👇

Sue, Latitude 43 Designs & Gilded Oyster Co.

The allure of the oyster & the natural beauty of Maine’s rugged coast inspire each unique shell.

Maine Maker, Sue Clark, has always loved oysters – but the shucking, not so much. “My partner and I developed the Kraken oyster grip, shucking safer and easier and we started buying lots of Maine oysters.” Which meant lots of shells. So Sue decided to decoupage them, gluing decorated paper on each prepared shell. Now that’s what we call a sustainable & recycled product!

How does Sue collect her shells? Well, she and her husband enjoy them first by using their own tool, the Kraken, to shuck them easily before slurping!

Pam of Olde Haven Farm

We have a knack for creating wonderful & unique flavors.

“To create our fine foods, we use our own harvest and animals and source other regional ingredients from our neighbors. We evolve classic recipes and draw upon world cuisines, often combining unexpected flavors such as Maple Bourbon pickles, Blueberry Lavender jam and Coconut Curry sausage. Our dream is for everything you bring home from us to be refined and extraordinary.”

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Olde Haven’s diversified family farm is rustic and real. They believe in knowing where our food comes from, and that animals deserve happy, healthy, natural lives.

To create their fine foods, they use their own harvest and animals and source other regional ingredients from their neighbors.


Lisa-Marie couldn’t help herself from snacking on the delicious array of samples during the event! Pam brought 3 pickles and 3 preserves for customers (and staff) to taste-test and enjoy.

Shop IN-STORE in Portland and Bath today!

Stay tuned for the 2nd round of Meet the Maker events, featuring SEVEN more talented Maine Makers!