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Kraken Oyster Grip


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2 in stock


The KRAKEN Oyster Grip has truly been a game changer for John and Sue as they enjoy oysters every week while supporting local fish markets and oyster farmers.

  • 6″ long, 3.5″ wide, about 2.5″ tall
  • made from solid maple or cherry
  • traditional dowel joinery creates a durable heirloom quality kitchen tool, no screws or nails
  • hand wash and wipe dry
    condition with mineral or butcher block oil occasionally to maintain sheen

👀 See a video of Andy using the Kraken Oyster Grip for the very first time.

See what Sue does with all those oyster shells here 🦪 👈

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Sue and John love oysters, but they loathe shucking. All too often they would pass up buying fresh oysters at the fish market.

Not anymore! After much research, they precisely and meticulously designed a shuck assist to make shucking an oyster easier and safer.

The Kraken Oyster Grip takes shucking out of your hands, furnishing an easier more secure way to shuck an oyster. Handcrafted in Maine of locally sourced maple or cherry. Solid wood with traditional dowel joinery creates a durable heirloom quality kitchen tool and has been described a functional art. No screws or nails.



Place wooden grip edge at edge of table, lining the concave cavity with a tea towel if desired. Slide oyster into concave cavity flat side up, hinge out, pushing toward wedge in back. Place shucking knife firmly into the base of the hinge. Twist knife to pop the top shell. Remove oyster and continue sliding knife around oyster, cutting through both top and bottom adductor muscles until free in shell. Serve in bottom belly shell.