Lobster Trap Condiment Caddy



  • Handcrafted from authentic lobster trap
  • Leather carrying handle
  • One divider down the length to allow for a selection of condiments
  • Perfect for transporting your specialty Maine condiments to the picnic table
  • Condiments not included

See the beer caddy here  🍻 👈

The Lobster Trap Condiment Caddy is handcrafted in Maine and constructed from authentic Maine “lobstah” trap material.

The design was created by accident when the artist started to make a carrier for a six-pack of beer made from recycled wood. Upon realizing he could substitute with waterproof (and beer-proof) lobster trap material, he got creative and made caddies for beer and condiments. They also make a great base for a gift basket!

The Lobster Trap Condiment Caddy has one divider down the length to allow for a selection of condiments. These caddies are rugged and easy to clean. It’s perfect for transporting your favorite Maine Condiments like blueberry sprinkles and Cooke’s Maple Syrup to your Maine breakfast, or the Tallywaggers Barbecue Sauce and Lost Woods Hot Sauce to your summer cookout.

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