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Your Top 12 Maine-Made Favorites of 2023

Top 12 Maine Made Customer Favorites of 2023

As we reflect on the year gone by, we’re thrilled to unveil the top 12 Maine-Made favorites of 2023, straight from Lisa-Marie’s cherished Bath, Portland, and online shop! From luscious lip balms to dazzling jewelry, irresistible treats for your furry companions to enchanting home decor, and an array of specialty foods that’ll tantalize your taste buds – there’s something for everyone in this handpicked selection of local treasures. Join us as we celebrate the essence of Maine through these beloved products that have captured hearts far and wide!

Just online, you bought 101 Cool Kiss Lip Balms. That’s a lot of chapped lips saved! 💋

In Bath alone, 186 Sand Dollar Necklaces by Sarah went out the door wrapped up as gifts, or fastened around necks in preparation for compliments to come.

There must be a lot of “cat people” visiting our shops. In Bath alone, 216 Catnip Sacks by Calling All Cats were destined as treats for furry friends back home.

With the variety of patterns and colors, there’s no guessing why Sue’s Oyster Shell Ring Dishes make such wonderful gifts and Maine souvenirs. 283 of them sold in Portland throughout the year, and they may have ended up all over the world!

A popular souvenir no matter the season. Iconic of Maine and easy to travel with, you chose the Red Maine Lobster Ornament by Devenney Pottery over any other ornament – 330 times to be exact, and that’s just in Portland!

What’s the top seller in Bath you wonder? These adorable, beachy Magnet Letters, only available in-store at 170 Front Street. They make a cute and customizable gift that’s useful, too. A whopping 585 of them sold throughout 2023! 😲

It seems you’ve always got a hankering for Maine Maple Syrup, no matter where you are. In Bath, Portland, and online you bought 658 3.4oz jugs of Pure Maine Maple Syrup! We hope you enjoyed every sweet drop!

When you visited our shops in Bath and Portland, you knew you needed these when you arrived at the counter to checkout: Maine Postcards!

Between our two brick-and-mortar shops, you bought 813 postcards to send to friends and family, or take home to add to your own travel wall.

You may have jokingly told someone you’d bring back some lobster after visiting Maine…and you did! After shopping with us in Bath and Portland, 819 of Haven’s Chocolate Lobsters & Pebbles went home with you – you kept your word!

Whether you knew what they were or not, Maine Needhams sounded enticing. Dark Chocolate? Coconut? Potato?! What’s not to love? Between Bath and Portland, 915 Single Maine Needhams provided a sweet pick-me-up in the moment, or were tossed into your shopping bag to share and try with others later.

Maine’s state fruit is ALWAYS a winner. Over 1,000 Maine blueberry jams, jellies & spreads went from our shelves to states near and far (and internationally, too!). Everyone deserves to try the sweet, sweet taste of Maine’s favorite berry!

And we saved your favorite(s) for last…

Someone’s got a sweet tooth…and maybe it’s you! Over 2,000 bags of Wilbur’s tempting hand-crafted treats were purchased between our Bath, Portland and online shops. These were your top 3 favorites: Chocolate Covered Blueberries, Lobstah-to-Go Gummies, & Milk Chocolate Moose Poops.

👆 Gummy “Lobstahs-to-Go”, available in-store! 👆

And that’s a wrap for 2023! Comment below if you didn’t see YOUR personal favorite Maine-made purchase of the year in the top 12 – we want to know! 👇