Maine Maple Syrup

Maine Maple Syrup



  • Made by the Larivière family in Madison, Maine
  • Available in a variety of sizes
    • single serve 1.36 ounce
    • 3.4 ounce suitable for plane carry-on
    • 8 ounce, 16 ounce, and 32 ounce
  • Mother Nature’s original candy

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Maple Syrup has been a part of Down East food for many generations, originating with the Native Americans first making sugar and sap from the Maple tree. When Europeans started coming to America they brought iron kettles to trade with the Native Americans for their knowledge of Maple Syrup. This enhanced the speed with which one can make maple syrup as until then there were no fire-proof vessels in the North East. Until then the Native Americans would drop red-hot stones into thick wooden containers full of sap. The iron kettles made the process of boiling the sugar much easier and cleaner. But don’t be fooled it still take a lot of work to create even the smallest amount of syrup. An average 40-year-old tree will yield about 10 gallons of sap per season and this is just enough to make one quart of pure maple syrup. With award winning Maple Syrup, Maine Maple Products Inc. carries the highest quality syrup that Maine has to offer. If you are looking for pure maple syrup, maple candy, sugar, cream or any products related to maple syrup you can be sure to get the best quality there is right here! Lisa-Marie’s also carries Maine Maple Products Maine Wild Blueberry Jam.