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Raw & Unfiltered Wildflower Honey


4 in stock

4 in stock


  • 16oz of raw & unfiltered wildflower honey
  • Made with Swan’s wildflower honey
  • Creamy, crystallized texture makes this honey great as a spread
  • Or use it as you would liquid honey in tea or recipes.

Ever dreamt about making your morning toast and spreading not butter, but honey in creamy, buttery form across the golden brown surface of that warm piece of bread? Dream no more! Try Swan’s Raw & Unfiltered Wildflower Honey – perfect as a topping or spread, or use in teas, coffees or other drinks that need a little scoop of sweetness.

Swan’s Honey is located in the beautiful farmland of Albion, Maine, owned and operated by Lincoln and Karen Sennett. This 250-acre farm has been in the Sennett’s family since the early 1800’s. After living in Louisiana, Alaska, Pennsylvania and California, working as a chemical engineer and bank employee respectively, Lincoln and Karen returned to Maine to take over and manage the Sennett’s wild blueberry business.

They recognized the area’s immediate need for pollination services and in 2002, the couple purchased R. B. Swan and Son, a respected honey and bee business in Brewer, Maine. From there, the Sennett’s business took off. The business, now located in Albion, Maine, has grown from several hundred hives to several thousand hives and employs a well-equipped team of beekeepers, extractors, packagers, and more. Swan’s honeybees split their time between Maine and Georgia, pollinating blueberries, raspberries, buckwheat, orange blossoms, tupelo trees, and a variety of wildflowers.