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How is maple syrup made?

Cooke's Maple Syrup Basques

Have you ever wondered where your maple syrup comes from?

Not far from our Bath location is Cooke’s Maple Farm in Brunswick, Maine. George and Kate Cooke run the farm themselves and were generous enough to give Marie an in-depth tour of their farm and operations.

The Cooke’s have a small farm with maple trees all over it. With multiple sugar bushes and dozens of individual maple trees they have their work cut out for them. Kate took Marie to Maple Ledge to show what a huge sugar bush looks like when many trees are all connected to one tank by the thin, blue tubing connecting the tree’s spile to the collection tank.

It was a gorgeous, but very cold Maine day, so after Kate showed Marie how to tap her first maple tree and they’d collected a few gallons of sap they went inside.

How is maple syrup made from maple sap? The gallons of sap that Marie and Kate collected were a mere drop in the bucket (not a metaphor.) It takes 40 gallons of maple sap to make just ONE gallon of sweet syrup. George and Kate showed Marie a bit of the process turning sap into syrup.

Thank you to George and Kate for opening their farm to Marie. If you’d like to take a tour of their operations, visit them over Maine Maple Weekend on their farm in Brunswick.

Or if you’re not from Maine but want to taste the sweet goodness from their sugar maples,
check out our selection of syrup, sugar and insanely delicious maple cream!
We can ship some Maine to you. 😉