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Mini Hanging Diffuser



  • Ingredients:
    • 100% natural diffuser base, no synthetic additives, no phthalates or parabens, 0% VOC content. 25% fragrance oil; 15 ml
  • Use Instructions:
    • Remove wooden cap and carefully remove plastic stopper and discard.
    • Screw wooden cap back on securely.
    • Place finger on top of wood cap and shake jar 2-5 seconds so oil can soak into the wooden cap (place paper towel between cap and finger to avoid oil on skin).
    • Tie around rear view mirror or anywhere you want to disperse scent.
    • Shake occasionally to reactive scent.
  • 4 Scents Available! (scent profiles below👇)

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These Mini Hanging Diffusers are the perfect way to take your favorite scent with you! Hang in the car, closet, bathroom, any space you want to freshen up.

Scent Profiles:

1.  1901

Top Notes: Roasted Pine + Ozone + Bergamont + Lemon

Middle Notes: Sandalwood + Violet Leaves + Geranium

Base Notes: Raspberry + Vanilla + Labdanum+ Amber

2. Breathe:

Top Notes: Bergamot + Earl Grey Tea

Middle Notes: Cucumber

Base Notes: Amber

3. Meditate

Top Notes: Amber + Sage

Middle Notes: Oakmoss + Orange Zest + Tonka Bean

Base Notes: Lavender + Grapefruit + Rose Musk

4. Tree House:

Top Notes: Balsam Fir + Greens

Middle Notes: Pine + Ozone + Clove + Iris

Base Notes: Cedar + Woodys Musk + Milky Coconut + Green Violet