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Wooden Snowflake Ornaments

Large Wooden Snowflakes by Dole's Orchard

When you hear wooden snowflake ornaments, do you think of an orchard? I didn’t think so.

You may have heard of Dole’s Orchard in Limington, Maine because of their awesome pick-your-own-fruit business. But did you know that they specialize in box making, custom woodworking and laser engraving as well? We are loving this other family owned and operated business!

This year they came up with a BRAND new product, well, actually six! They designed six different styles of intricate wooden snowflake ornaments that are just STUNNING. Some have a subtle silver or gold finish but most are in the natural wood state that they were cut in. It’s hard to pick a favorite style!

They were written up in the Portland Press Herald just before Christmas and we were listed as the exclusive place to buy them. Suddenly we had people coming in and calling every day asking for them! You can see the article here.


We have some left in each of our locations and will try to keep them stocked on our website as well. See what’s available here.

Here’s the Star Ornament and Branches Ornament. Which one is your favorite?