Framed Postage Stamps

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  • Vintage, discontinued, and collectible postage stamps, matted and set under glass in a black frame.
  • Available in two sizes:
    • 4×6: One stamp, 4×6 frame
    • 5×7: Two stamps, 5×7 frame

Did you know postage stamps are actually selections of art…in miniature! Check out these Framed Postage Stamps, available IN-STORE only.

One of our new Maine Makers, Peter, cleverly puts his vast stamp collection to use by framing them as works of art. Hang your own miniature gallery wall or prop one up on your work desk for lil’ conversation piece. His postage stamp collection has been curated over decades, providing for quite the selection to choose from. Featuring themes from pop culture (timeless movies such as: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and classic comics like: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman) to Maine landmarks and imagery (Monument Square, Acadia National Park, chickadees, moose) and all that’s in-between, these Framed Postage Stamps make the perfect “little” gift for any occasion. You’re sure to find one that’ll make them smile!