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Thanksgiving is Almost Here Gift Ideas for your Host

Have you been invited to join family and friends this holiday season? Well, you don’t want to show up empty handed without a gift for your Thanksgiving host. We’ve got a couple suggestions that could help you out…


Appetizer – Pottery Dish with a selection of flavorful dips

If it’s your job to bring an appetizer, why not bring some dip in a pottery dish that you can leave with your host? These dips are ridiculously easy to make and come with tasty recipe ideas. Dip dishes are a great and simple gift that your host can use time and time again.





Maine Course – Bottle of wine and wine stopper

Grab your favorite locally made bottle of wine to bring to your host. Pour a couple of glasses and then leave it out for everyone to enjoy, but don’t forget a wine stopper! We have many wine stopper options from simple to elegant. We also carry wine bottle holders, some made from old skis and others shaped like a lobster.

Blog_11212015_CookbookDessert – “Delicious Maine Desserts” Cookbook accompanied by a Rustic Apple and Pear Tart

From easy to elaborate, this cookbook covers all the basic Maine treats as well as adding a few sure-to-be new favorites. The Rustic Apple and Pear Tart with Cheddar Cheese is sure to delight dinner guests with its twist on the classic Maine Apple Pie. Bring the cookbook along with the pie as a gift to leave with your host.




Here at Lisa-Marie’s we are ready to help you with all your holiday needs. Come visit us in either location – Downtown Bath or Portland’s Old Port- and we’ll help find the perfect scented candle, gift-wrap some earrings or fill a gift basket with your hand-picked goodies.