It's A Staff Favorite: Barb - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

It’s A Staff Favorite: Barb

its a staff favorite

Lauren’s Felted Home Gnomes

“I love that each  has their own character, and that they simply bring joy to most (if not all) people who find them in our stores!”

“I also love the felted paintings. It’s incredible to me to see someone use fiber as a medium to paint with. Each one is one-of-a-kind, which makes me appreciate them even more. I’m looking forward to the day I buy one for myself.”

Haven’s Decadent Chocolates

“Literally anything that I have had from Havens has been amazing, and I wish we got to have more samples for the staff. ???? It is a great item to ‘treat yo-self’ with.”

Gail Miller Designs Jewelry Collection

“Gail’s earrings, barrettes and pins make an awesome addition to any gift. They are made to last and I love that they feature a variety of options. They are simple, functional and – they look good! You can have one for every occasion.”

Manager. Dog Mom. Maine Maker.

Barb not only promotes our Maine artists’ work in the shop–she’s also an artist herself! Check out her ceramic creations @keramikadesigns, or stop by our shops in Bath and Portland to see them in person!