New Items Spring 2021 Part 2 - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

New Items Spring 2021 Part 2

Paine Products Balsam Pillows

BRAND NEW ONLINE – Cullen Jewelry Design

The Love Knot Collection

Featuring 3 interlocking circles signifying different forms of love all entwined together. These love knots have been very popular gifts for moms, but also have a simplistic yet sophisticated look, perfect for everyday wear. 

We have been carrying Cullen’s jewelry in our Portland location for years, and are very excited to now be offering her gorgeous sterling silver creations online as well!

The Journey Collection

Made with Maine beach stones that have an unbroken ring of another color running through them, known as “wishing rocks.” In some cultures rocks are symbols of luck, energy, and long life. Cullen likes to think of the lines in the rocks as a path or journey. Included with your piece is a quote from the Journey Collection. The Journey Collection pendants have been very popular as graduation gifts since they mark the beginning of an important journey. Available in 3 sizes.

Cullen specializes in setting stones into a sterling silver bezel. Above you can see a couple of her semi-precious gemstones as well as beautiful pieces of sea glass in shades of green all uniquely bezeled and ready to wear.


It’s very rare that you can find two pieces of sea glass similar enough in shape to make a pair of earrings, and even rarer to find a piece in the same color to match as a necklace. These pink pieces are true pieces of rare beauty.

Coca Cola Bottle Sea Glass Necklace

This light green pendant features part of the iconic “C” from an old glass Coca Cola bottle. We’ve never seen one like this before!


Sue spends hours scouring the beach for these tiny pieces of sea glass. Many jewelers shy away from pieces that are this small because it’s so much harder to work with. The risk of breakage is much higher when drilling through tiny pieces as opposed to large pieces.

But not Sue! She specializes in matching these tiny pieces by size and color and creates these gorgeous stacked pieces by drilling them and adding sterling silver accents or pearls.


BRAND NEW DESIGNS – David Tabbutt Pens

After working as a woodturner and in boatyards for much of his life, David has found a new joy in making pens. His pens made from Maine wood have been very popular and we are excited to be offering his new design …

The Celtic Knot Pens

Crushed Shell Fountain Pens

You asked and he listened! He now makes his very popular crushed lobster shell and crushed mussel shell pens in a fountain pen as well as ballpoint!

Maine Wildflower Pens

A joint effort between David and his wife, Roxanne. Roxanne grows, harvests, dries and arranges the blossoms for each pen one at a time making each pen organically unique. David casts them in acrylic resin, then turns and applies the finish on a lathe. Every single one they create is unique and we think they are just BEAUTIFUL!



Paine Products is a family-owned Maine business since 1931, making all natural balsam pillows here in Maine. First, balsam branches are collected by local woodsmen and then ground and dried. No chemicals are added and the process is 100% natural and sustainable!

These pillows are great as gifts, or an aromatic delight in a drawer, closet, or car. They are the perfect example of one of our strongest senses – smell! — and a whiff of this balsam will transport you directly to the Pine Tree State. When people walk through the doors of the Paine Product’s plant, they are astounded by the smell of the balsam.

Paine Products also makes these travel size 2oz bottles of Balsam Fragrance Oil so you can take the scent of Maine everywhere you go!


RESTOCKED – Blown Glass Lobster Buoys

These Blown Glass Lobster Buoys are an excellent way to bring sparkle to your window, and to remind you of Maine’s beautiful working coastline all year long.

Combining complimenting colors for the body of the buoy and the spindle, these glass buoys are traditionally handblown, and because of this no two are ever identical.

And that’s not all! We now have some of our most popular food items available online and are so excited about the Children’s books that are also now available online!

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