Meet the Makers: August & November 2023 - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

Meet the Makers: August & November 2023

Meet the Maker #7: August 19th

Featuring the one and only, Gabby of Simply Tilton jewelry!

Gabby, Simply Tilton

Hi, I’m Gabby! I started Simply Tilton in the fall of 2018 as a hobby and creative outlet while in grad school. I started with metal stamped jewelry and since then have expanded to different mediums, including polymer clay and now resin!

Shop her collection of Preserved Flower Jewelry (earrings and necklaces!) in-store and online!

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If you have been to any markets I hope you have had the pleasure of saying hi to Mike! He has given up countless weekends and evenings to help me with this dream I have, supporting me every step of the way! He is my biggest cheerleader and hype man, the best support system, a listening ear, someone I can bounce all my crazy ideas off of, my set up and break down crew, and so soooo much more!

2023 was an extra special year for Gabby: she married her best friend!

When she’s not creating jewelry, she can be found exploring the outdoors with these two 👉 (her husband Mike & cute-as-a-button pup, Moose!).

✨LAST✨ Meet the Maker #8: November 11th

Featuring 3 talented Maine women:

Alexis of Art by Alexis

Bailey of Bailey Debiase Ink

Jen of Miss Moonmaker Maine

Art by Alexis 🎨

Be the creator of the lens you look through, see your surroundings with the curiosity of a child, zoom in on the beauty of simplicity, and take in the nuances of day-to-day life because they have so much to offer.

Alexis Wells Mural Painting

Alexis excels at the intricacy of painting, whether that be on a canvas or the side of a building – the scale doesn’t matter. We’re lucky to carry some of her beautiful work in the forms of framed and unframed prints, as well as a selection of her originals!

For me, being an artist is to train your eyes to observe rather than to just look.

Alexis Wells, Painter
ABA Maker Profile Photo
Alexis painting a mural

Bailey Debiase Ink ✍🏼

Bailey is not only our Portland assistant manager, but an incredible artist herself! Her love of nature, outdoor adventures, & her hoME is a strong inspiration behind her work.

These intricate Fish Stickers are available in-store!

Email 📧 if interested (you’ll reach Bailey herself!).

Bailey working on a mural project for ecomaine ♻️ this year! 👇

It feels funny to say that it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to this big recycling bin ☺️ I’ll be excited to visit it in its new home, wherever it ends up! Working on a surface this big, and using a different medium than what I normally work with, made this project so much fun.

Bailey Debiase Ink Mural
Bailey Debiase Paper Cut and Ink
Bailey Debiase Ink

“art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

Bailey Debiase Maine Ink Drawing

Miss Moonmaker Maine 🛁

As a busy single Mom and entrepreneur Jen believes in the power of a steamy, relaxing soak in a tub; that it can help you tackle many of life’s paths ahead. Sometimes doing less is doing more – for YOU!

I started making artisan, hand-made bath fizzies in 2008 when my son was just a year and a half old. My son suffered from chronic sinus infections and always had a stuffy head, nose and chest. When my son was born I became more aware of the products I used…I became more earth friendly with the use of my products and what we ingested/put on our skin.

👆Bath Fizzies available ONLINE!👆

👇Skin Salves available IN-STORE!👇

“Miss Moonmaker believes in self care and the sometimes forgotten art of bathing.”

And that’s a wrap for our 2023 Meet the Maker Series! We hosted 17 of our Maine Makers over 8 different dates throughout the summer and fall, leading up to celebrating 20 years of business in Bath (wow! 🎉). We had so much fun hearing the stories behind the products, sharing YOUR specific questions with each talented Maker, and we hope you had fun, too!