Lobster Trap Bird Feeder


1 in stock

1 in stock


  • top diameter ~7″, bottom width ~8″
  • ~9.5″ tall, hangs ~14″ (with 5″ hook)
  • 30oz narrow mouth mason jar screws into metal bird seed holder

The Lobster Trap Bird Feeder is made from REAL lobster trap components!

It is unique, rugged, and long-lasting – after all, the trap components are made for salt water. The feeders are simple to fill, and the hanger can attach to nearly anything. The lobster trap wire is PVC-coated galvanized steel, and is available in a neutral dark green color. The feeder bowl is galvanized steel while the feed container is a glass mason jar!

Instructions for Use:

  1. Pull the bungee cord to the side, swing open the top, pull out the jar + feeder and separate them.
  2. Add bird seed and reassemble.
  3. Use the metal hoop to hang feeder wherever you choose!