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Midnight Lobsters Flour Sack Towel


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Out of stock

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  • Flour sack towel featuring six bright red and blue lobsters surrounded by seaweed
  • Size: 27″ x 27″
  • 100% Premium Cotton
  • 130 Thread Count
  • Highly Absorbent

The Midnight Lobsters Flour Sack Towel is made by Alison Bramhall. Born and raised on the coast of Maine, Alison grew up sailing the coast with her family and now tours the coast on a more intimate level in her sea kayak.  She is constantly studying charts to find new places to explore.

Alison is constantly entertained by people thinking bright colors are just for kids.  They walk into her space, smile and tell her that she must have fun with  what she does… and she does! They tell her how “happy” her house is. So if color makes you smile and color makes you happy, surround yourself with it!  This is Alison’s attitude.  Kids are happy people and maybe that is why people think that color is for kids. She thinks we can all learn from kids if we can just step back, and forget the “rules!”  Who’s rules are you living by anyway!?

The woman behind Festive Fish, Alison, strives to bring happiness and joy into daily living. Charts are reminiscent of places we love, memories of vacations and time spent on the coast. Oars and Pillows add a joyful splash of color reminiscent of the sea and sea life where we love to spend our time. Color in general makes us happy, it engulfs the space and washes joy over us. We walk into a joyful happy space and feel it. We smile and relax and feel at home or feel we want to spend some time there. Color nurtures us, we feel it in our soul. That is why all of Alison’s original artwork is abundant with vibrant colors.