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  • Made by Slack Tide Sea Salt with their own small batch Maine sea salt
  • Specifically for bath soaks so it is higher in magnesium and other essential minerals
  • Blend is locally foraged Maine beach rose petals, epsom salt, rose essential oil, and sugar kelp from Salt Sisters Maine that will both soothe and relax you
  • 8oz, 225g

Relax and unwind with these beautiful and soothing hand crafted soaking salts made by Slack Tide Sea Salt.

Inspired by a life long love of the ocean. Each flavor of salt they make tells a different story about a little piece of Maine and what we love so much about our state.

Female Founded – Slack Tide Maine is headed up by Aunt and Niece team Cathy and Lauren along with childhood friend Sarah. They are a woman owned and operated small batch sea salt company in southern Maine.  When the seas are calm and the tide is high, you can find Lauren, Cathy, and Sarah out on the ocean with their families harvesting water and cherishing family time together.

“Where does your water come from?”
Their water comes from the crisp clean oceans of  Maine. They take their boats out where the water is deep and pure, and pull the freshest ocean water at an incoming tide, close to the high slack tide. They boat harvest the water themselves so that they have their eyes on every step of the process!
“My salt is clumpy, what should I do?”
If your salt feels damp or a bit clumpy, this is totally normal! Slack Tide Sea Salt never adds any anti-caking agents, bleach, or other additives commonly found in your every day salt. Just pop your salt into a glass baking dish and warm it in the oven at the lowest setting for 10-15 minutes! It will dry it right out and it will be good as new. For our flavored salt we recommend a stiff hit with your palm on the side of the jar to loosen it up. A small spoon to get it out of the jar is also very useful!