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Autumn in Maine: A Sneak Peek at In-Store Fall Favorites

In-Store Products in Bath & Portland

November in Maine tends to signify the shift from autumn to winter. Daylight starts to wane, temps begin to drop – winter feels just on the horizon. But if you’re not ready to let go of this quick, precious, and colorful season (I mean, look at this weekend’s weather!) we’ve got all the Maine Made goods to help you hold onto it a little longer. From apple-themed tea towels to leaf-peepin’ photography, there’s a little bit of everything to celebrate autumn in Maine.

I Put a Spell✨ on You

Prep for those cold season with Maine-ly Elderflower’s magical “I Put a Spell on You” tea, made with organic butterfly pea flowers, elderflower, lemon, & caffeine-free green tea.
Benefits of Elderberries
– High source of anthocyanins
– Packed full of antioxidants
– Boosts immune system

– Reduces risk for disease(s)
– Best for cardiovascular health
– Protects against UV radiation & harmful bacteria
– Helps to reduce colds

Brilliant Shades of Crimson & Gold 🍁

If a year was tucked inside of a clock,

then Autumn would be the magic hour.

~ Victoria Erickson

maine boot bouquet 🥾💐

A sticker that

says Maine

without saying Maine

stick on your waterbottle, your laptop, your phone – or maybe just add to your growing sticker collection that’s waiting for that “perfect place.” 😉

– weatherproof
– in-store only

Cozy Knits & Mittens

Hand-Knit Twisted Ear Warmer Headbands

Available in-store only! (at the moment)

Call or email us for more info (colors & pricing).