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An Extra Special Mother’s Day Gift

About a month ago, I received an email from from a woman named Deb. Her young daughter had recently passed and while processing her grief she decided she wanted to do something with her cremains. She was interested in getting a piece of jewelry to feature the cremains and honor her daughters’ memory.

I reached out to one of a talented jewelry artists who creates our beach sand jewelry and flower petal jewelry. She responded that she did in fact create jewelry featuring a Loved One’s cremains but that her creation process was one that she takes much more seriously. We discussed the information that the artist needed to create a special piece of jewelry and what types of jewelry she can offer. Deb shared with me her daughter’s name, a photo, her favorite color and something that made her happy – such as her love of stargazing and the night’s sky. She then selected a pendant setting that felt right for her daughter’s cremains.

When the artist received Deb’s daughter’s cremains* she started her respectful process of creating a piece of jewelry that emanates the essence of the Loved One. Playing music that was special or simply having the photo of the Loved One present while she creates the jewelry is important to her so she had an image of Deb’s daughter that had been designed with butterflies in flight, glimmering stars and with a purple hue. These small things and the respect that the artist brings to the process is what helps make the jewelry piece so special.

Upon completion, the artist sent the pendant, necklace, remaining cremains and a Certificate of Authenticity directly to Deb.* Deb was able to receive it in time to wear on her first Mother’s Day without her daughter. I feel privileged to have been a part of this process. Helping someone honor their Loved One with a piece of jewelry is something that the artist takes very seriously and respectfully during the sensitive time in someone’s life. It has been such a special experience for me to help bring Deb this special piece of jewelry featuring her daughter. “Thank you for the amazing work you have done, what a beautiful pendant!  My daughter would have been so pleased to have her mommy wearing this.  It has added to everything I have been coordinating for her remembrance.  It was surely made with love, even to the sweetest detail, of adding a tiny star chime on the ribbon. I can’t thank you enough! God bless, Debbie”

Thank you Debbie, for choosing Lisa-Marie’s to help create something so special for you. And thank you to our friend and amazing artist, Amy, for making a Loved One’s memory last in such a respectful way.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all.
With Respect,
Marie (Manager)

* Information about sending cremains is permissible via USPS Express Shipping. See more information here.