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Where did your path start?

Where did your path start? Cairn Pile Pendant Latitude & Longitude Sterling Silver Pendant

We worked with a lovely gentleman named Garrett this past fall to help him create a unique piece of jewelry that he could give to someone special. He wanted something to help mark the journey that they’ve taken together. We worked with two different jewelers to help him create the perfect piece.

A cairn pile is a man-made pile or stack of rocks that marks a significant spot on a trail. It might be the beginning of the path, a sport where it diverges, or maybe the summit. This pile of rocks has become a symbol for people of a significant moment in their life; a marker on their own path.

Latitude & Longitude marks a specific spot in the world. There is only one latitude and longitude for each spot and they are made of up a series of 6 numbers marking where on a sphere a spot is. The latitude marks where a spot is vertically, north to south. The longitude marks where a spot is horizontally on a sphere, along the meridian of the earth.

This necklace features a hand-stamped Latitude & Longitude sterling silver pendant charm. It is placed onto a sterling silver chain that also hosts a small stack of rocks that resembles the cairn pile found on trails. This one of a kind necklace is personalized so specially by Garrett that we are certain that his lucky lady loved it. Thanks Garrett, for choosing Lisa-Marie’s.

Where did your path start? If you are interested in custom ordering your very own stamped latitude and longitude piece, let us know. We work with a variety of artists and can customize pendants, earrings or cuff bracelets in sterling silver or copper. Contact Marie (marie@lisamariesmadeinmaine.com) if you are interested.

*Please note that artists need at least two weeks minimum (likely longer at peak season) to create customized pieces and will require a 50% downpayment*