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Where are we?  Where do we want to be?

Where are we?  Where do we want to be?
Good questions – questions that can be answered by consulting a map or a chart.

Maine Mapmaker Map - Casco Bay and the Calendar Islands  NOAA Chart - Boothbay Harbor to Bath, Maine

First you find several reference points to find your location.  Reference points can be two streets putting you at a specific intersection.  Or local geography from a lake or pond, to a mountain top or the point of a peninsula.  Ships at sea use the sun and stars to pinpoint their position at sea.  You must know where you are to determine the direction you need to go.  Maps and charts are the tool for the job.  It has become much easier in today’s digital world with the GPS talking to our phones and loading the path for us.  Easier for sure, but perhaps with less appreciation for the physical nature of a map or chart.

NOAA Chart - Damariscotta to Christmas Cove   Mount Desert Island 2D Map

Casco Bay Cribbage Board

Beyond the functionality of the “tool”, maps and charts are beautiful works in and of themselves.  Once an artisan exerts their imagination on them, they become a truly special work of art.  Some of these works take on other functions such as coasters, cribbage boards, cutting boards, lamp shades, or towels.  Others are more decorative like ornaments, framed works, or a representation of the place on a mug or serving tray.

Portland Chart Star Ornament  

Any one of these items can used to bring back wonderful memories of a vacation spot or home.  Perhaps even a special location can be customized to remind you of important memories and destinations.