Cups & Mugs

Earring Organizer



  • Pottery cup with wide lip with tiny holes
  • Perfect for organizing earrings and storing other jewelry and trinkets
  • Each earring organizer is unique though similar in glaze and size
  • Made by Nancy of Westport Island Pottery

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The organic, earthy feel of Westport Island Pottery mug in your hand will make you feel as though you just walked out of the forest. This craftsman has been potting for a living since completing her formal education in 1978 and enjoys the whimsy of “playing” with clay and the joy of making items that will be used daily. Her farming/gardening background has inspired many of her organic altered forms. She now delights in the additional inspiration she gets while living on Maine’s coast. She works in high fire stoneware and porcelain that is gas fired resulting in a durable and useable ware. All of her work is functional, which she categorizes into 4 areas: garden items, whimsical pots, useful pieces, and seasonal pots.