NOAA Chart



  • Coast of Maine NOAA Chart
  • Made by Artiplaq
  • Custom mounted to a wood substrate
  • Laminated with matte finish for no glare, no glass and UV protection
  • Edges beveled in black
  • Ready to hang on the wall

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Contemporary, classic nautical charts plaque mounted, ready to hang on the wall.
Archival-printed, with traditional land & sea colors.
No glare, no glass!

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) provides products, tools, and services to ensure safe passage along our coastal waters, such as aNOAA Chart.Whether it’s the nation’s nautical charts, environmental monitoring and assessment, or providing the nation’s geodetic framework, NOAA and its partners are committed to integrating science and services to provide actionable information. The goal is to increase ocean and coastal ‘intelligence’ and thereby improve the ability to navigate safely and make informed choices. In 2014, NOAA outsourced the printing of their charts and several printers started producing them.

Hand crafted in Maine, ARTiPLAQ™ preserves charts, maps and other prints, with a contemporary, frame-free style, ready to hang on the wall. These charts are of a higher quality than most others on the market. They are printed on a bright white archival paper with compatible, high quality inks. The land and sea colors are comparable to NOAA’s traditional lithograph colors. These charts are not meant to be used for navigation though the chart is representative of the land and sea of our coast.