Maine Mapmaker Map



  • Maine Mapmaker Map
  • Made by Artiplaq
  • Custom mounted to a wood substrate
  • Laminated with matte finish for no glare, no glass and UV protection
  • Edges beveled in white
  • Ready to hang on the wall

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The classical, Maine Mapmaker Map is plaque mounted, ready to hang on the wall. Archival-printed, frame-free, no glare, no glass! Combining elements of nautical charts, topography maps, and charts of early explorers, each map is an accurate portrait of a unique Maine region, drawn by hand in a graceful illustrative style. With calligraphy place names, symbols, and legend, each design is a well-informed “treasure map” of the region’s scenic and recreational points of interest. While the look is timeless, the information is current and well researched. Jane Crosen, the Maine Mapmaker, has a history in cartography starting at Delorme Publishing in Yarmouth, Maine in 1979. For someone with a flair for editing and an explorer’s curiosity about my home state, it was a perfect job. I learned a lot about researching and compiling, exploring, publishing, editing, and—by osmosis—mapmaking. Since 1983 and her first original map of the Blue Hill Peninsula, she's worked her way around Maine’s coastal and lake regions, making “map portraits” of special places—which, for her, by definition involve lots of water. Her stippling and “watercolor” shading styles have evolved to highlight the beautiful intricacy of Maine’s coast and lakeshores, islands and peninsulas. When not mapmaking and editing—or writing, cooking, playing with colors and fibers—you’ll find Jane hiking and paddling, snowshoeing and benchmark hunting, exploring the woods, streams, and ponds around Hancock County and the Downeast lakes.