Glass Hummingbird



    • Recycled colorful glass arranged to create a scene of hummingbirds amongst flowers
    • 3″ x 2″ light gray wooden frame (no glass)

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The Glass Hummingbird artwork is made from recycled glass and wire. Each is framed in a light gray wooden frame. “Hummingbirds symbolize various positive things – Traditionally, mostly in native cultures across the Americas, the symbol of the Hummingbird is believed to bring healing to the suffering and signals good luck to hunters and travelers.”

Tammy Mullen, an artist from Southern Maine, works with a variety of media: pebbles, driftwood, wire, shells, sea glass and recycled glass (colored glass she breaks and tumbles). She and her husband enjoy camping, hiking and beach walking. Wherever they go she makes sure to have her scrounging bucket ready to fill with”all things nature” for her framed works of art.