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Treat Yo’ Self: 5 Gifts to Show Yourself a Little Love

Sometimes you just have to…

🎢 “I Can Buy Myself Flowers…” 🎢

You don’t need an excuse to buy yourself flowers, chocolate, &
a new pair of earrings.

So why wait? Visit us in-store or online to shop gifts for YOU! β€οΈ

Unfiltered Skincare


“Clean + Organic Ingredients.
Handcrafted in Maine. Self-care for all bodies.”

Shop the collection:
🌞 Awaken Cleansing Grains
πŸ‘Ά Baby Balm
πŸ‘ Bright Eye Serum
🍼 Diaper Powder
🧴 Face Cream
πŸ§–β€β™€οΈ Facial Cleansing Oil
🌊 Maine Sea Toner
 πŸ› Maine Sea Scrub

🧼 Pop Some Bubbly, Let’s Get Fizzy πŸ›

bubbly bubbles in the bathtub
Pour yourself a glass of champagne (or flavored bubly water, take your pick!),
run a hot bath, drop in a scented Bath Fizz by Miss Moonmaker, & put on your favorite playlist or TV show. Sip, sit back, & relax. Self care can be that simple.

Light a Candle
& Let it Go

“Imagine you’re on a woodland walk. Overhead, the sky is a brilliant color. The sunlight surrounds you with light and warms you, through and through. The clouds form into all sorts of shapes and drift on by, and as the clouds come and go, your worries evaporate, your mind clears, like the depth and expanse of the infinite sky. The trees are magnificent and the woods are brimming with life…it smells delightful.” – Yoga Meditations

Cozy Up With a Comforting Mug o’ Joe (or Tea) β˜•οΈ

“I gaze at the pine as I walk life’s trail,
With the tree’s resolve I shall never fail.”
– Dane Sprinkle

Fill up your new Maine Forest Mug with your favorite warm bevvie – bring your love for the Maine outdoors to your morning, evening, or daily routine!

DIY Gift Packages πŸ’

Visit us in-store &
hand-pick from a wide selection of Maine Made products to create
your own gift package.
From chocolates & candy to bath bombs & jewelry galore,
it’s easy to fill one of these lil’ boxes up, and you’re good to go!