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Top 10 Maine Made Bestsellers of 2021

One of our New Year’s Resolutions EVERY year is to pay attention to what our customers (YOU) are buying. We know that each year we will discover new Maine Makers who will bring new and exciting things into our shops. Learning what catches your eye helps us curate a selection of Maine products that will have you coming back to us again and again. Today, we are focusing on the Top 10 Maine Made Bestsellers of 2021 – as you’ll read, there were a few that were too close to call it, so you’ll actually see 14 top sellers (hey, what can you do when there are over 450 Mainers making amazing things?) Without further ado, here’s the list:

#1 Moose Poop Candy

“The best moose poop around!” Three delicious chocolate combinations: dark chocolate peppermint malt balls, milk chocolate covered pretzels, and dark chocolate covered pretzels, each packaged in a perfect “single serving” (no sharing necessary 😉) bag. Add some sweetness to birthday presents, stocking stuffers, and care packages – the name alone is bound to bring a smile to their day.

#2 Patamania Maine Hoodie: in BOTH Adult & Youth

This style is a classic for ALL ages. This bright, light blue hoodie looks good on everyone, and feels even better. Featuring a suuuuuuper soft fleece as the inner lining, once you put it on…you might not ever want to take it off.

#3 Calling all Cats Catnip

There must be a lot of spoiled cats out there! A shoutout to the cat owners who know how much their kitties love these cat nip sachets – you’re amazing pet parents! These little pillows feature fun, cat-themed prints, and are packed to the brim with fresh cat nip. Don’t believe us? Treat yours with one and wait for the (happy) craziness to ensue!

#4 Chocolate Covered Blueberries & Maine Maple Syrup

Chocolate-y, blueberry goodness. What else do you need? An 8oz box of Wilbur’s Chocolate Covered Blueberries allows for sharing…or for snacking on throughout the week, as a sweet pick me up.

Pure Maine Maple Syrup. There was no doubt in our mind this was going to make the list, and here it is. As Mainers, we know you can find reasons to use this multiple times a day – no judgement (hehe)!

#5 Age Like Sea Glass Pillow & Maine Gift Baskets

It’s a statement piece…literally. This neutral, canvas, feather-filled pillow features a beautiful poem by Bernadette Noll, “I want to age like sea glass.” A thoughtful home accent that will serve as a reminder to be kind to yourself, and enjoy the journey of life.

Can’t go wrong with a gift basket! Whether you’re choosing a pre-packaged “Maine” gift baskets, featuring a variety of customer (& our) favorite products, or stopping by in-store to hand pick your own favorites, a Maine-Made selection is always a winner.

#6 Moose & Mountain Hoodie

If you haven’t heard us brag about these before (well, maybe just review bestseller #2), then maybe you’re new here. These hoodies are THE softest and most comfortable layer, perfect for all the Maine seasons.

#7 Amelia’s Chowdah Shack Mixes & Lobster Claw Bottle Openers/Stoppers

Amelia’s Chowdah Shack follows the Maine tradition of clam chowder. These mixes make it SO easy. All that’s necessary to make that homemade chowdah you’ve been craving is a little half and half, some water and the add-in of your choice.

These lobster claw bottle openers and stoppers make everyone do a double take – are they REAL? Cast from real lobster claws, they are actually made from clay and glazed in a variety of coastal colors. Sold individually, you can choose one or make a matching pair!

#8 Etched Stemless Wine Glasses & Mini Maine Necklace

Stemless wine glasses are a must-have in your cupboards.

Build a matching set or mix up the designs. Don’t drink wine? Doesn’t matter. Make drinking water, seltzers, and juices feel a little fancier by grabbing one of these etched glasses – change up your routine, why don’t ya?

Simple. Stunning. Silver.

Amy Rose’s Mini Maine Necklace is a staple jewelry piece for the Maine-lover in your life. Whether you call Maine your hoME state or you feel a lifelong connection to this beautiful place, wear it to hold Maine close to your heart.

#9 Unity Pond Pottery Mugs

These mugs never go out of style. Customers gravitate toward their unique glazes and beautiful craftsmanship.

Guess that explains why the shelves never stay stocked for very long – when you like what you see, grab it before it’s gone!

#10 First Maine Flag Hoodie

Maine turned 200 years old in the year 2020, and with it came the resurgence of our first Maine flag design, circa 1901. Ever since, you’ll find it everywhere, because it’s such a simple, yet perfect design.

Featuring a pine tree and the North Star, these hoodies are unisex and neutral, and a definite conversation piece.