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Top 10 Bestsellers of 2022 in Portland

10. Blueberry Tea

Perfect for any time of the year, our blueberry tea selection is top notch! A fan-favorite is Bar Harbor Tea Company’s Wild Maine Blueberry Fruit Tea (no caffeine! just the fruity-goodness!).

9. Oyster Ring Dish

Maine’s rich history of oysters is evident in oyster shell middens still seen on a coastal riverbank in Damariscotta. With a depth of 30 feet and length of 1650 feet, these middens were formed over a 1,000 year span between 200 BC to 1000 AD where indiginous people feasted on them in great numbers. 

Today Maine oysters are ranked as some of the best in the world. Known as the “Napa Valley for oysters” the Damariscotta River estuary is home to several world class oyster farms.

The allure of the oyster and the natural beauty of Maine’s rugged coast inspire each unique shell. Sustainably sourced, these oysters are delicately decoupaged with the finest images, hand-gilded with a classic gold leaf, and a finished with a final coat of clear gloss. Use as a ring dish, trinket dish, or accent piece!

8. Maine Post Card

At a $1 apiece, you can stock up on these Maine-themed Post Cards and stay in touch with friends and family the good ole’ fashioned way. Who doesn’t love receiving some snail mail full of love?

7. Single Maine Needham

“You don’t want ’em, you NEED ’em!” *ba dum, tsh 🥁” (there’s your dad-joke of the day 😉)

“We don’t claim to be historians, but we have done some digging, and…there are some reputable publications that all seem to agree on the basic origin story of the Maine Needham. So, in true Mainer fashion, we’ll tell you the story we’ve been told, the one that’s been passed down through the generations.”

“Back in the late 1800’s, John Seavey owned a confectionary, Seavey’s Sweets. Some sources say this was located in Portland, some say it was in Auburn. Everyone agrees it was in Maine.”

“Seavey first introduced Needhams sometime around 1872. There’s a suggestion that an abundant crop of Maine potatoes existed at the time, and there may have been a contest to see what different recipes could be created using the native tater. At any rate, it seems that one of Seavey’s candy makers presented him with a chocolate-covered coconut confection enriched with the silky smoothness of the spud, and Seavey knew he had his next best seller.”

The “Needham” was born (though the reasoning behind the name is a bit of an enigma – we won’t dwell on that). Maine Needham Company loves selling their Needhams, but more than that, they cherish the rich, chocolate covered traditionof the Maine Needham, and we want to help others discover – or rediscover – the treasure and share it with future generations.

6. Mini Tea Light Candle

They may be mini, but they sure do smell “scent”-sational. See what we did there? Available in two scents: Balsam Fir & Blueberry!

5. Lobster Candy & Chocolate

If you were asked on the spot, “Name 5 Things You Think of When You Think of Maine,” there’s no doubt  lobster would be in the top 3 answers. While we don’t sell actual lobsters (or seafood of any kind), you will most certainly find this sea creature on apparel, home decor, and in this case – chocolate & candy! Bring home some “lobster” to the family in the form of milk or dark chocolate (with chocolate rocks to add to the authenticity!), or even lobster gummies, aka “Lobstahs TO GO!”

4. Chocolate Covered Blueberries

What pairs nicely with Wild Maine Blueberries? Chocolate. Trust us. 🤤

(thanks Wilbur’s of Maine!)

3. Devenney Pottery: Ornaments

Mary & Joe Devenney are ALWAYS busy creating beautiful pottery, and their hand work never goes unnoticed. They are one of our most popular potters – their pieces speak for themselves. From mugs and bowls, to ornaments and magnets, we are always delighted when a new delivery comes through so we can pass it along to YOU (our lovely customers!). Check out their top 3 ornaments below, also available online!

2. Maine Maple Syrup

Did you think this wouldn’t be on the list? Of course not. Pure Maine Maple Syrup is a household staple in our state. We don’t breathe a word about the fake stuff.

And the #1 Portland Shop Bestseller is…

1. Wild Maine Blueberry Jam

We’ve got QUITE the variety of spreadable goodness in-store & many flavor options to choose from. But while you’re in Maine, you’ve got to try what we’re know for: wild Maine blueberries. These tiny berries are packed with natural sweetness, so it’s not surprising that these jams, preserves, and spreads fly off the shelves no matter the time of year. Here are the top 3 sellers from 2022: