Top 10 Bestsellers of 2022 in Bath - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

Top 10 Bestsellers of 2022 in Bath

We’re reflecting on last year, and wanted to showcase the Top 10 In-Store Bestsellers, and today’s focus is on the sales within the Bath shop. In case you didn’t know – we have two shop locations: one on 170 Front Street in Bath, Maine and the other on 35 Exchange Street in Portland, Maine. Bath is our “flagship” location, our “headquarters.” 170 Front Street was the site where Lisa-Marie’s first opened our doors, and over the years we’ve expanded into 3 additional storefronts (totaling 4 rooms!). In the Bath shop, we have the room to carry almost ALL of our 450+ Maine Makers – and the few you can’t find there you’ll find in Portland or online (here!). Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at what YOU (our favorite customers) came back for, over and over again, and purchased throughout the year 2022.

10. Cat Nip

Looks like we’ve got a few “cat moms” and “cat dads” out there! (👋 hi, hello, I’m one of them! These photos are of MY cats at home 🐾 – Marissa)

These Cat Nip Sachets by Calling all Cats are ever-popular amongst our feline friends, and we don’t think that will ever change.

9. Maine Playing Cards

Charlie Haberstock, a rising Sophomore in college, designed this deck over the last couple years. He grew up in Maine and has a passion for its beautiful geography, which led him to design this deck – as well as visit all 430 towns in Maine! – before he went to college. His story has been featured on local news stations, and captured the interest of many Mainers last year. Who wouldn’t want to play cards with a deck featuring their hometown?

8. Maine Wooden Bookmarks

A simple, yet classy upgrade to that shred of paper you’ve been using to keep your place in your current novel.

Pick from a wide selection of cutout imagery, from lighthouses and moose, to owls and books – it’ll make reading that much more fun.

7. Maine Maple Syrup

Did you think this wouldn’t be on the list? Of course not. Pure Maine Maple Syrup is a household staple in our state. We don’t breathe a word about the fake stuff.

6. Maine Post Card

At a $1 apiece, you can stock up on these Maine-themed Post Cards and stay in touch with friends and family the good ole’ fashioned way. Who doesn’t love receiving some snail mail full of love?

5. Maine Single Needham

“You don’t want ’em, you NEED ’em!” *ba dum, tsh 🥁” (there’s your dad-joke of the day 😉)

“We don’t claim to be historians, but we have done some digging, and…there are some reputable publications that all seem to agree on the basic origin story of the Maine Needham. So, in true Mainer fashion, we’ll tell you the story we’ve been told, the one that’s been passed down through the generations.”

Back in the late 1800’s, John Seavey owned a confectionary, Seavey’s Sweets. Some sources say this was located in Portland, some say it was in Auburn. Everyone agrees it was in Maine.”

“Seavey first introduced Needhams sometime around 1872. There’s a suggestion that an abundant crop of Maine potatoes existed at the time, and there may have been a contest to see what different recipes could be created using the native tater. At any rate, it seems that one of Seavey’s candy makers presented him with a chocolate-covered coconut confection enriched with the silky smoothness of the spud, and Seavey knew he had his next best seller.”

The “Needham” was born (though the reasoning behind the name is a bit of an enigma – we won’t dwell on that). Maine Needham Company loves selling their Needhams, but more than that, they cherish the rich, chocolate covered traditionof the Maine Needham, and we want to help others discover – or rediscover – the treasure and share it with future generations.

4. Wild Maine Blueberry Jam

Again – did you really think you were going to read this list and NOT stumble upon Wild Maine Blueberry Jam? It’s one of the number one food-related questions we hear in the shops, and it’s not surprising it’s a popular product that flies off the shelves no matter the time of year. Here are the top 2 brands from 2022:

3. Chocolate Covered Blueberries

What pairs nicely with Wild Maine Blueberries? Chocolate. Trust us. 🤤

(thanks Wilbur’s of Maine!)

2. Lobster-Themed Chocolate & Candy

If you were asked on the spot, “Name 5 Things You Think of When You Think of Maine,” there’s no doubt lobster would be in the top 3 answers. While we don’t sell actual lobsters (or seafood of any kind), you will most certainly find this sea creature on apparel, home decor, and in this case – chocolate & candy! Bring home some “lobster” to the family in the form of milk or dark chocolate (with chocolate rocks to add to the authenticity!), or even lobster gummies, aka “Lobstahs TO GO!”

1. Magnet Letters

Easy to travel with. Useful at home. Brings home a memory. These beach-y Magnet Letters were the #1 bestseller in our Bath shop – spell out your names, where you visited, or an inside joke on your trip, and be reminded of it everyday you see it at home!