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The 2022 Maine Made Gift Guide for Dad

father (fa’ther) n.
1. Protector, Teacher, and Encourager.
2. Picks you up when you fall, brushes you off and lets you try again.
3. Gives the best advice, makes bad jokes,
& puts the “dad” in “dad moves” on the dance floor.
(see also: hero, playmatecoach)

The 2022
Father’s Day
Gift Basket:

Featuring a savory selection of Maine treats: 2 tasty spreads with a hint of heat; sweet & spicy pickles perfect for topping sandwiches (or snacking straight from the jar); & an array of seasonings to upgrade a popcorn snack, a stir fried lunch, or a meal right off the grill!

6 Maine Made Goodies just for Dad:

Birch Tree
Bird Houses:

Only a few left ONLINE!

Call our shops for more
IN-STORE availability:
📞 Bath: (207) 443-2225
📞 Portland: (207) 828-1515

We carry a selection of Moose Antler Knives

made by Maine maker, Phil.

Available in a variety of sizes & styles, they are both rugged & useful –

perfect for the resourceful Dad in your life.

New in 2022!

Beard Balms
& Beard Oils

  • Made in Maine
  • Vegan
  • Palm-Free
  • Smells Great!

Why use it?

Beard Balm – tame, soften & style unruly beards.
Beard Oil – moisturize the dry skin that often results in irritation & beard dandruff.
*Both are carefully balanced to prevent your pores from feeling greasy or clogged!*

Shop our selection of the Keepah Lobster Gauge Cuffs by Maine Maker, Nate – available IN-STORE only!


  • Unisex
  • 2 Styles: Original & Coast of Maine Chart (Etched)
  • 3 Sizes: Small/MediumMedium, & Large
  • 2 Finishes: Polished & Satin