Take ME to the Mountains - Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

Take ME to the Mountains

Mountain-top photo by Maine photographer, Benjamin Williamson

It’s a cold, clear morning in March, and we’re here to bring you (virtually) to the mountains of Maine! From stunning sterling silver jewelry to intricately detailed prints and jaw-dropping photographs, each of these 3 Maine Makers captures the unique beauty of Maine’s magnificent mountaintops. Keep on reading!

β€œYou dream of snow-covered mountains during the hot nights of July. As the leaves change and the air grows crisp you pray for the white magic to fall from the sky, veiling the surrounding mountains. It is time.”

Bailey DeBiase is a visual artist from Carrabassett Valley, Maine who currently lives in Portland, Maine and manages our Portland shop! Her detailed ink drawings are influenced by memories, both personal and collective.

Bailey Debiase holding her print of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Her work strives to accept the fragility of memory, and create a sense of permanence to moments and times in our lives that are fleeting. She is constantly influenced by her surrounding nature, the changing of seasons, and the complexities of nostalgia.

Some days it just feels better to be surrounded by trees + dirt + rocks + wide open skies. πŸ™Œ

Today we’re featuring work inspired by our state’s glorious peaks. Detailed prints by Bailey Debiase Ink βœοΈ, phenomenal photographs by Benjamin Williamson πŸ“Έ, and silvery snowcaps by Carrabassett Valley JewelryπŸ—».

Check out this reel 🎞️ we made featuring these 3 Maine Makers! πŸ‘‰

A few moments of ✨magic✨ in the mountains, captured by the endlessly talented Benjamin Williamson. πŸ‘‡