Beach Sand

Harpswell Sand Pendant



  • Beach sand from Harpswell, Maine
  • Choice of beach sand or added crushed lobster shell or mussel shell
  • Covered in glass on surgical steel bezel
  • Chain not included

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These Harpswell Sand Pendants are made with sand from Harpswell, Maine. Part of Cumberland County, Harpswell is composed of land including Harpswell Neck and three large islands connected by bridges: Sebascodegan Island (locally known as Great Island), Orr's Island, and Bailey Island and over 200 smaller islands. Is Harpswell special to you? This jewelry is a perfect way to remember the annual family pilgrimage, a special summer spent in Maine, or to gift for someone to commemorate a significant moment at the beautiful coastline beaches. Choose from three options: neutral grains of sand, sand with red and pink lobster shell, or sand with blue mussel shell pieces added.    

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