Stained Glass Maine



  • Soldered stained glass
  • Featuring a bright red heart along the coast
  • ~5″ Fort Kent to Kittery and ~3″ West to East
  • Hang on the wall, in a window, or from a tree
  • Catches the sunlight and casts it’s colors on your surroundings

Coloring is consistent throughout each piece of stained glass but the texture and exact pattern are unique. See additional images and video below for variations with each color.

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These gorgeous Stained Glass State of Maine window hangings also make a great Christmas ornament. Hang in your window year-round and watch the sunlight glint off the glass and cast it’s colors on your surroundings. Featuring a bright red heart along the coast of Maine, these sweet glass pieces are soldered on the edges and come with a hook for hanging on the wall, in your window or on a tree.

Check out the variety of colors and textures available with the Stained Glass State of Maine hangings! Each one is handmade and no two are alike. Which one calls to you?