Rhododendron, Daffodil & Lily Flower Petal Jewelry

$20.00$28.00 sale


  • Vibrant colors from a combination of rhododendron, daffodil and lily flower petals
  • Covered in glass
  • Stainless steel bezel, ear wires and bangle

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Contact us about custom ordering a pendant, earrings, or bangle bracelet with dried flower petals from your special occasion.

Amy is inspired by Maine’s colors and landscape and how it changes with the seasons. The Rhododendron, Daffodil & Lily Flower Petal Jewelry is made from real Maine flower petals and set into a stainless steel charm and covered in glass.

Bring home a piece of Spring in Maine with a pair of earrings made with REAL Maine grown flowers or capture Autumn in Maine with bright foliage colors in a pendant made with REAL foliage leaves from Maine. Her Summer Jewelry line is made with beach sand from local beaches. Her holly leaf jewelry represents Winter in Maine.

Amy, a self taught jewelry maker in Limington, Maine specializes in natural materials, glass, and wire.  Amy began creating jewelry in 2006 as a hobby and over the past years, this “hobby” has grown into what it is today, allowing her to do this full time. The true handcrafted nature of her work, quality, and aesthetic appeal has been what has made her jewelry line successful, growing in popularity and becoming well-known throughout New England.