Blueberryaki Sauce


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3 in stock


  • Thick, unique, and flavorful teriyaki sauce
  • Truly one of a kind
  • Infused with wild Maine blueberries but focused on the Japanese mainstay
  • Try it with your next stir fry or marinate any of your favorite proteins for a unique grilling experience.
  • 13.5oz

The Blueberryaki Sauce is a unique and flavorful terriyaki sauce infused with wild Maine blueberries made by Maine Man Flavahs.

Maine Man Flavahs was started by two small town boys with spicy palettes! Co-owner/creators Ben Lankhorst and Briant Hallett have combined the flame of the habanero pepper with the delightfulness of the Maine blueberry for a unique table sauce unlike any other.