Coffee & Tea

Big Moose Coffee



  • 6 ounces or 12 ounces of ground coffee
  • very smooth dark roast
  • notes of cocoa and almonds
  • 100%  Arabica beans
  • organic and fair trade

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A specialty single origin coffee from Peru. A very smooth dark roast favorite with notes of cocoa and almonds. 100%  Arabica beans, organic and fair trade.

ORGANIC MATTERS.  Reducing the consumption of poisons, pesticides and synthetic chemicals is better for our customers. Less chemicals spread into the environment benefits all living things.

FAIR TRADE produces better coffee. When farming families are paid a fair price for consistently providing better coffee, everyone wins.

COFFEE IS A FRESH FOOD.  We love our customers and they deserve fresh.  Fresh roasted specialty coffee hands down beats old, stale, boring coffee.

IN BEING BETTER EACH DAY. We enjoy working with our wholesale family to find new, interesting, healthier and exciting ways to improve ourselves, make better coffee and enjoy life.