Coral Bell Flower Jewelry



  • Coral Bell flowers set in resin
    • spikes covered with pendant coral-coloured flowers about the size of lily of the valley bells.
  • 925 Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Plated Options
  • Earrings & Necklaces
  • Made by Gabby

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Simply Tilton was initially started by Gabby as a hobby and creative outlet in 2018 when she was attending graduate school. First starting with metal stamped jewelry, she has since expanded to different mediums including resin.

Born and raised in Maine, Gabby was always outdoors exploring as a kid and still finds herself most at peace when surrounded by nature. This love for nature is what inspires much of her jewelry. This is seen especially in her resin collection. Each piece within the resin collection contains a flower that has been dried, and then preserved in resin. While pieces are similar, no two pieces are the same, as no two flowers are the same. This is one of the things Gabby loves most about working with resin and flowers!

Gabby has always loved flowers, but in recent years that love and appreciation has grown. While the natural life cycle of a flower is beautiful, by preserving flowers in resin, the flower is then “frozen in time”. Mastering this process has taken much trial and error, and through these moments of learning, Gabby has gained a deeper appreciation for the art of jewelry making.