As children we learn that April showers bring May flowers, a catchphrase to begin our understanding of spring. This reawakening of nature begins and you notice candy-colored tulips around your neighbor’s house, the sweet scent of lilacs blooming in the park trees. We become the audience to our surroundings as the cold, gray winter melts away, allowing spring to showcase its colorful glory. Spring slowly transforms into  summer, and the plants each take their turn in the spotlight; some craving the foggy gray rain of April and May while others thrive in the days of hot sunlight that June, July, and August can provide. September arrives and we enjoy the last of the warmth, gain the last of our freckles, and dive into the last of the semi-warmed ocean waters, before autumn approaches with her fiery leaves and crisp nights. It seems to be the quickest season (to me), beginning and ending in what seems to be one month–but if we get lucky, maybe the leaves hold on for dear life until mid-November. Then winter’s icy grip pulls us into our thermal layers, and the scenery around us becomes muted tones of gray, brown, and sometimes pure white. The toughest survivors don their pine needles and balsam fir through all the seasons, allowing the snow’s stark contrast to bring them into the spotlight before the cycle begins again.

Seasons of my Heart

Amy follows each season with her unique jewelry: flower petals for spring, beach sand for summer, foliage leaves for autumn, and a mix of holly, peony, and pine for winter. With each delivery there are more and more colors and mixtures she creates, making each piece one-of a-kind. The season that allows for the most customization is spring, based solely on the fact that there are over 400,000 plant species in the world which leaves an endless opportunity for Amy to find and discover new flowers to use in her pieces. Not only that, but flowers hold meaning and memories for many things: bridal bouquets, funeral processions, anniversary gifts, baby showers, birthday presents, a simple way of saying “I like you,” “I love you,” “I’m here  for you.” They can celebrate life or commemorate death. They can add beauty to any situation. Amy takes this idea to another level, giving them the chance to have a lasting effect longer than nature will allow by preserving them in pendants, earrings, and bracelets your loved ones can wear for years to come.

-Marissa, Portland Store Assistant Manager