Pink & Deep Teal Sea Glass Bracelet


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  • 2 unique pieces of deep teal sea glass surrounding a piece of pink sea glass found in a private cove or beach
  • wrapped in sterling silver wire onto a sterling silver plated magnet cuff bracelet
  • ~3″ wide x 2.25″ deep bracelet

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Brighten someones day with a Pink & Deep Teal Sea Glass Bracelet!

Sea glass is made from glass that has been broken in the ocean and washed and tumbled back onto the coast. Whether it be sandy or rocky beach the sea glass pieces are smoothed using the natural materials of the earth which create smooth, translucent pieces of glass. It is becoming harder to find every day. No two pieces of sea glass are ever identical.

The colors featured in this bracelet are more rare to find, especially the pink shades. When you think back to what these pieces originated from, it’s more difficult to pinpoint the type of bottle or glass container. With whites, greens and browns, those were most likely beer and liquor bottles in a previous life. Others could have been perfume, medicinal, or decorative glass containers that (due to human pollution) found its way into the ocean.

It is becoming harder to find every day. In a positive light this is hopefully the result of a decrease in littering and instead, an act of preserving our environment. And to those who continue the search for these little gems, good luck and enjoy the challenge.

These Sea Glass Bracelets are made from sea glass found in coves and beaches, wrapped in sterling silver onto a sterling silver plated magnetic bracelet.

Match this necklace with earrings or a necklace.