Chocolate Sand Dollar Necklace


1 in stock

1 in stock


  • Real Sand Dollar
  • ~<1.5″ in diameter
  • Found in lobster traps by lobsterman, Sarah
  • Dyed, dried and sealed with her secret recipe
  • Sterling silver jump ring
  • Comes on adjustable black satin cord

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This Chocolate Sand Dollar Necklace is created in Midcoast Maine by lobsterman, Sarah. Kulis started lobstering with her father at nine years old and has grown with the ocean as a part of her life ever since, including lobstering now. Sarah’s Sand Dollars started as an accident. One evening Sarah and her husband spilt a glass of red wine on a pile of white sand dollars that came up when she hauled her traps. They thought the sand dollars were ruined, so they left them in front of the wood stove overnight. The next morning they were surprised by the brilliant pattern that had been exposed from the dye created by the wine. Many evolutions of dyes and sealants later, she found the combination used today on her gorgeous sand dollar pendants.