It’s amazing how resourceful Mainers are

Resourceful Mainers

It’s amazing how resourceful Mainers are. We use EVERYTHING! Right down to the shells of our seafood. That’s right, we have lots of different items that are made from recycled lobster shells, mussel shells, and oyster shells as well as many other unique Maine findings.

This jewelry, made by a lobsterman’s wife in South Bristol, delights all of our customers once they realize what it’s made from. Using whole and crushed lobster shell, and crushed mussel and oyster shells, the shells are shaped and set into a resin compound and framed in a bezel of sterling silver or 14-18k gold plate. Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, these pieces are all one-of-a-kind and come in many different tonal variations.


Don’t worry, it’s not just jewelry – these amazing pens made by a retired school teacher in Old Town come in more than just recycled shells. From Deer Droppings to Egg Shell and Moose Antler to Pine Cone, there is a style for everyone. These pens write smoothly and use a standard Cross or Parker refill. They are also set into a resin compound making them feel smooth in your hand. Little boys hopes and dreams are dashed when they raise the Moose Poop pen to their nose and find out that the pens do not smell anything like the scat from Maine’s majestic moose.

What’s that? You don’t want to wear or write with your recycled shells? Well, wouldn’t it be wonderful to serve a delicious block of cheese and baguette on a cutting board surrounded by the colors of the ocean? We’ve got just the thing coming all the way from Downeast. These cutting boards are bordered with crushed lobster and mussel shells as well as blue and green sea glass flakes along the edges.


We weren’t kidding when we said we use everything. Are you inspired? Find the perfect Oyster Shell Pendant, Deer Antler Pen, or Crushed Lobster Shell Cutting Board – all sourced from things most people would throw away. Ah! The ingenuity of Mainers.