Vintage Purple Bottles


  • Vintage bottles
  • Found by a diver along Maine’s coast and rivers
  • Bottles containing the element manganese turned bright purple from being exposed to UV rays
  • One-of-a-kind and nicked and scuffed by nature’s elements

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Add a pop of purple to your windowsill with these Vintage Purple Bottles! These sought after, rare vintage bottles have a story behind their unique color, making them a great statement piece to any home.

These bottles were discovered by Maine diver, Rick, in oceanic endeavors along the state’s coastline as well as rivers and streams. “It is the hunt that makes me do it. Anywhere there were people, there is stuff.”

Why do some clear pieces of glass turn purple? The key element is manganese, and it’s activated by the sun.

Manganese is naturally found within the mineral ore pyrolusite. Chemists introduced pyrolusite into the making of glass to balance impurities. For example, if the sand used to create glass contained traces of iron, the untreated glass produced would have a yellow appearance. The introduction of pyrolusite would balance the yellow tint with purple, causing the final glass product to be clear in appearance.

Most purple glass is actually “sun” purple. When exposed to UV rays like sunlight for a period of time, the manganese reacts and oxidizes turn from clear to purple.

Choose one of these Vintage Purple Bottles and treasure the unique beauty and history that comes along with it!

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