Niklin Design Onesies

  • State of Maine design stitched in the middle the 100% cotton onesie
  • Onesies ranging from newborn to 24mo
  • Unique patterns and designs on each
  • Makes a great gifts whether you’re shopping for a boy, girl, or gender neutral gift.
  • Safe for the machine washing and drying
  • What would you like to know? When do you need this product by?


NikLin Designs is a small business based out of Southern Maine. Home decor items & accessories created by hand, inspired by the Coast of Maine.

Nicole is the creator and maker of NikLinDesigns. All the NikLin products are handmade by her and inspired by the beautiful coast of Maine she calls home. From custom home decor items to infant and toddler clothes, she designs everything by herself with a bright, simple, nautical inspired design.

Most NikLin products are custom made or made to be a “few of a kind”. Nicole doesn’t mass produce any one style, instead, finds joy in the fresh new color and pattern combinations that come from this approach. Making it so each of her pieces is unique!


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