Mussel Shell Earrings

  • Real Maine mussel shells
  • Each pair is a perfect match found together intact
  • Individually fabricated to be completely unique
  • Some include natural barnacles
  • Made by Danielle Gerber, graduate of MECA
  • Made from recycled sterling silver & quality materials, sourced from Maine or the USA

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These mussel shell earrings are made by Danielle Gerber, a local Maine Artisan, who grew up on the coast of New Hampshire. Growing up in a rural town fostered Danielle’s natural creativity. The organic style of her work is derivative of the close connection she has to nature. She moved to Portland, Maine to study metalsmithing, jewelry, and sculpture at the Maine College of Art. With skills in art curation, marketing and web design she works at many creative endeavors; as well as continuing to make her own jewelry and sculpture, with the beauty of the ocean providing constant inspiration to build off of.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in