Merrymeeting Bay Jewelry


The Merrymeeting Bay Jewelry line was inspired by the nature found in Midcoast Maine. As two mighty rivers merge to form Merrymeeting Bay, two simple shapes join to become a universal symbol. Exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution and at museums and galleries throughout the world, Ken Kantro’s work is a celebration of the timeless beauty of nature’s creatures. Each piece is an original design and is signed by the artist.



The Merrymeeting Bay Jewelry line by Lovell Designs was designed by Ken Kentro.

Ken Kantro settled in Lovell, Maine in 1975. Situated in the rural foothills of the White Mountains, Lovell provided the perfect setting for developing a craft and career in metalwork and design.

At the outset, Ken’s primary interest was to produce pieces inspired by the work of 18th century pewterers. His early pieces soon became know for their excellence in design and workmanship. Ken’s first departure from traditional design came in 1978 with his Damariscotta trivet. It was designed to commemorate his family’s move from the mountains of Western Maine to the coastal village of Damariscotta and soon became a popular symbol on the entire coast of Maine. With the appearance of this unique design came the demand for its translation into jewelry.

It was at this point, Ken started creating jewelry and ornaments which reflected his love of nature simply expressed in timeless design.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in

Large Pendant, Earrings, Small Pendant


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