“MAINE” lobster kids t-Shirt


  • “MAINE” spelled out with red lobsters
    and one rare blue lobster
  • bright butter yellow t-shirt
  • available in 6month & 12month onesies
    and 12month & 18month T-shirts
  • available in 2T, 3T, & 4T T-shirts

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The “MAINE” lobster kids t-Shirt by Painted Turtle Illustrations is a bright butter yellow featuring one of Maine’s most notorious creatures – the lobster! Did you know that there is a very rare blue lobster (estimated one in 2 million!) that is sometimes caught? This t-shirt spells out Maine with red lobsters and one blue lobster and is printed on a bright yellow t-shirt and could NOT be cuter!

The idea for Painted Turtle Illustration originated back in 1989 when Leane started a children’s t shirt company called Sweetpea’s Tees. The business was put on hold after a few years as Leane’s life as a mother of three became a little too hectic to maintain a side business. It wasn’t until a few years ago when Kate unearthed the original Sweetpea’s T shirts (the same ones she wore when she was four years old) that the business was brought back to life and re-branded as Painted Turtle Illustration. The designs have received a bit of a facelift and been expanded upon, but the whimsical spirit of the original designs has been preserved.


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6mo Onesie, 12mo Onesie, 12mo T-Shirt, 18mo T-Shirt, 2T, 3T, 4T


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