Lobster Laser Cut Cribbage Board


  • Layers of laser-cut wood create Maine imagery
  • Approximately 7″ wide
  • Red and White wooden pegs provided
  • Trying using it as a kitchen trivet
  • Cards not included

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The Lobster Laser Cut Cribbage Boards are made by Baltic By Design – a veteran, family owned business out of Thomaston.

The idea came when sitting on a porch and staring into the breeze when he noticed his Mom’s wind spinner hanging on the wood shed.  He had an idea to design a bowl that had a similar look.  When he started working on a prototype he figured that it would be multiple rings glued up and was cutting some of the smaller rings from inside the larger ones to save wood.  Through a couple attempts he came up with a design that would be cut from one flat piece which was a very efficient use of wood.

     The first prototypes were cut using a scroll saw and he knew if he was going to make a marketable product out of it he was going to have to come up with a faster way to cut them.  He found a local business with a Laser cutting machine who could cut them for him. His business has grown and now he owns three machines and his entire business is operated right out of his home.

These cribbage boards are made in a similar way. Several layers of laser-cut wood have been glued together to create one piece with delightful images with depth. They come with red and white wooden pegs so all you need is a deck of cards for a rousing game of cribbage. Or forget the pegs all together and use it as a trivet in the kitchen!

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in


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