Lavender Leroy the Home Gnome


  • Lavender Leroy the Home Gnome
  • Holding an acorn with a marble
  • Bulbous nose and green beard
  • Hand felted and 100% wool
  • Locally sourced stones & woodland finds
  • ~4.5″ – 5.5″ tall
  • Hand made by Lauren

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These Gnomes are ready for their new home! Common folklore from around the world surrounds these miniature creatures, who are rarely seen and live underground. Lavender Leroy the Home Gnome is ready to put their magical backstory to work in wherever they end up.

Gnomes are known in folklore from across the world. They are magical guardians of homes, gardens and treasures. These little people also have a mischievous side. Place these colorful home gnomes on a shelf or windowsill – they will bring good luck and protection to those you love.

These Green Beard home gnomes are made with 100% wool and locally sourced stones & woodland finds. These sweet gnomes are hand felted by lovely Lauren, a local Maine maker. It’s obvious how much joy and love she puts in to making each little gnome, creating a variety of color combinations and unique personalities to go along with each one.

Customers have been collecting the Home Gnomes to hide around their neighbors homes and gardens and make a neighborhood game out of “Gnome catching.” Try it out with friends and family–maybe it will become a new tradition to bring everyone together!

Home Gnome in the hands of it's maker, Lauren

Home Gnome in the hands of it’s maker, Lauren

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in


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